I have two female chinchilla?s for sale; they are about 4 years old. One is the standard light grey color and the other one is the sandy white color.
I am selling them with their cage and all accessories.

They come with the 6 level cage with ramps, wheel, 3 houses, and their dust bath house.
I also have 2 ½ bags of food, a bag of hay, some dust bath ands lots of treat s and some chew toys , and a huge bag of shavings that all go with them as well.
I would like them to go to a good home that will spend some time with them as they love the attention. They are very friendly and easy to handle as they have been hand raised since they were babies.
They also come with a round play pen that you can set up, so they can run around a bit and play, they love it, and they are very entertaining to watch them play and jump around in it.
They have been together since they we babies, So I would like them to stay together as they are like family and they do better in pairs anyways, and it would be heart breaking to separate them now.
I also have some replacement shelf?s and ramps to go with their cage.
Their cage retails for over $ 400.00 when new, the cage is still in good condition has a few chew marks on the plastic bottom piece, but it is pretty cheap to order and buy replacement parts for the cage if you ever need to replace something.

The cage is only about 2 years old, as I had them in a smaller cage when I first got them when they were babies.
They are fun and entertaining pets to own, and they are good with children and are pretty easy to take care of.
If you are interested in the Chinchilla's please feel free to message me about them and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
I am asking $ 500.00 obo for the Chinchilla's, cage and all accessories.